Need some gift inspiration?

We have an abundance of beautiful Christmas gift ideas in store and available online, that everyone would love to receive.  However, this year we are really interested in sharing holiday ideas which are about spending time and spreading the love!

*Why not give to the disaster in the Phillipines. Forget those chrissy prez for your self (ahem) give what you can to help!

*Fish and Chips at the Fish Market in Wynyard Quarer is the best - take your loved ones there for a date or sunny drink. Walk around our beautiful waterfront.

*Cooking something festive for your loved ones - the ultimate labour of love and taste in these busy days. We love The Joy of Cooking cookbook by Irma S Robauer which was first published in 1931 (oh lordy) and has all kinds of amazing things that are American cultural classics, you could say. Read more about it here and get inspired…if not in time for Chrissy, maybe the holidays. The Joy of Cooking

*How about making beautiful cards for your friends, loved ones and all the people who have helped you during the year? Our favourite present to receive by far!

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