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Sala Energy Incence

Sala Energy Incence

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Embracing the energy of each season, Sala launches four incense that celebrates the changing natural world.

Since opening its studio doors in Ponsonby in 2018, Sala’s mission has been to connect people with their higher selves through exercise and wellbeing. Whether challenging your body in a sweaty cardio class or connecting to your inner rhythm through breath work, Sala wants to show you how good you can feel inside that ‘body home’ of yours. 

Channelling the studio’s immersive sensory quality, Sala is launching a range of seasonal energy incense that harness the powerful, transcendent qualities of scent and smoke. Made from only the finest sustainable sourced woods and natural essential oils, the gentle yet fragrant burning experiences bring an element of the sacred into the everyday. 

Each incense is chosen to amplify the potent power of its select time of year. Every box is sealed with a meaningful mantra, while the colourful packaging reflects the chromotherapy benefits of its season – reminding us of how the changing light and shade play on our emotional psyche.

By helping others attune themselves to the changing scents and colours of the seasons, Sala hopes to inspire people to live more in tune with their biorhythms, supported by nature.

Each box contains 30 incense sticks (at 25cm long)



Autumn is reflected within shades of amber. Visualise the change in the leaves, orange sunsets or the sacral chakra, symbolising creativity and expression. Like the falling leaves from the trees, life must take a new course by shedding off the old to usher in the new.

Top note – Frankincense and sandalwood.

Middle note – White musk and cinnamon.

Base note – Black pepper and patchouli.

‘Autumn symbolises rest, reflection and accepting the impermanence of all things.’


‘I let nature restore me.’

Try reading more poetry, listening to music, and participating in passive creative tasks. We also may reflect on our goals and intentions and how they have transformed and grown. By connecting with change, we can live in attunement to our own evolution.


The Winter incense is ensconced in a box with shades of blue. Visualise the snowy peaks of some of the earth’s highest points as you prepare to get cosy, sleeping in and saying ‘no’ more. Connecting with your blue throat chakra helps to create better boundaries and to relieve feelings of guilt for turning down social events which you may not have the energetic resources for.

Top notes – Frankincense and clove.

Middle notes – Jasmine and orange blossom.

Base notes – Sandalwood and cinnamon.

‘Winter symbolises introspection, possibility and initiation.’ 


‘It is okay to surrender and rest.’

Winter has the most prolonged dark hours, but we know eventually, the days will become lighter and longer. In the same way, we can embrace our inner darkness, knowing that eventually, this will shift to make room for light. We learn to be positive even in our desperate moments.


Spring is symbolised by shades of yellow and gold. Think about the flowers and trees, how they awaken and come back to life in the spring. We, too, emerge from energetic hibernation with renewed creative resources to begin new projects, leaving behind what no longer serves us. 

Top notes – Grapefruit and cedarwood.

Middle notes – Lavender and ylang-ylang.

Base notes – Musk and vanilla.

‘Spring symbolises new beginnings, transformation, and awakening.’


‘New and exciting opportunities are ahead of me.’

You may incorporate daffodils, sunflowers, gold jewellery or yellow clothing into your everyday life. The solar plexus chakra, represented by yellow, symbolises confidence and kindness. Small acts of kindness daily help you feel attuned and balanced during spring. 


Summer is reflected in shades of green. Visualise freshly cut grass, trees in full bloom, or the heart’s chakra, which symbolises abundance and love. As summer helps us honour the light within, try keeping a gratitude journal to connect with this season.

Top notes – Bergamot and lavender.

Middle notes – Orange zest and vanilla.

Base notes – Rose and sandalwood.

‘Summer symbolises freedom, growth, and warmth.’


‘I am forged in the fire.’

Like precious metals, we, too, are forged in the heat. It may come in the form of a movement, the pressure from a tumultuous season in your life, or simply from spending time outside during the summer. Embracing these challenges, this incense box serves as a reminder of our own personal power.

The Sala studio is more than just sweating. It was born from a desire to create impactful experiences, integrated living and community. Sala believes working out should never feel like a chore, that's why the studio hosts over 60 classes a week in 12 different disciplines. From Yoga and Barre to Reformer Pilates and Cardio, it has everything you need to support a life lived well, because everyone deserves to feel good.



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